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Artistic Dreams International (ADI) is a nonprofit organization based in New York City that has been delivering programming to Harlem Public Schools (elementary and middle) during school time and after school since 2011.

Our Mission:

To nurture youth K-12 to become creative world citizens who can transform their lives and their communities through the arts.

Our Program:

Our program focuses on empowering youth, while providing art education instruction as a way to achieve this in an expressive and fun way.

ADI Goals:

Provide students with the skills they need to not just survive, but thrive in contemporary society through a growth mindset. To be an influence in society as a whole, promoting self-acceptance, inclusion and empathy among other socio-emotional strengths.

For students to appreciate their own racial heritage and be able to solve community and world problems. For students to become culturally aware, promoting social justice while respecting cultures world-wide

Students learn the artistic decision-making process, which will assist decision-making throughout their life. Students feel a sense of accomplishment and freedom of expression that allows them to more fully accept and embrace themselves.

Art history/ art disciplines / international techniques.

Project Objectives achievable in 6 to 8 months:

Life skills

To provide a curriculum that increases socio-emotional development and life skills.

Cultural awareness

To provide lessons that increase cultural awareness, global citizenship and a mindset of inclusion.

Free expression

To engage children in hands-on activities and expose them to teaching artists that promote free expression, mindfulness and self-awareness to increase self-esteem.

Artistic Skills

To provide an artistic curriculum that increases knowledge and curiosity in the theory and practice of the arts.

Our Classes


World Awareness
World Cultures


Public schools
Public Libraries
Community Centers
Non-profit Organizations


Visual Arts
Yoga - Movement


Morning Programs for Day School
Afternoon Programs
Saturday Programs
Summer Programs
Virtual Exchange Programs
Hybrid Programs

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Our Talented Teachers

Richard Estrin

Richard Estrin

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Jerise Fogel

Jerise Fogel

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Marcela Carvalho

Marcela Carvalho

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Brad Shur

Brad Shur

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Rishauna Zumberg

Rishauna Zumberg

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Leticia Gasca

Leticia Gasca

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Tono Marin

Toño Marin

Artistic Dreams Instructor
Coco Toxtli

Coco Toxtli

Artistic Dreams Instructor

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