Margaret Douglas at PS-36

Mural made at P.S. 36

This mural was made at P.S. 36 in Harlem with Artistic Dreams International in Collaboration with Education is not a Crime, a nonprofit that works with some of the world’s best street artists.

They produce murals, digital media and community workshops, linking different communities of struggle to uphold the universal right to education. Artistic Dreams International was proud to collaborate in this beautiful endeavor with the children of P.S. 36.

The mural now also commemorates the life of Em Samolewicz, a long time teaching artist at Artistic Dreams.

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The mural now also commemorates the life of

Em Samolewicz

Em was an inspiration and an amazing art teacher. She was one of those individuals that truly transmitted the power of art to her students.

Em was the director of the mural with students at P.S. 36. Together they created a mural that depicts inclusion and the right to education for everyone. We will always remember Em as an amazing art instructor.

Not A Crime Mural


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